sketching for a school assignment, going to make a baroque inspired cape for Prospero from The Tempest. I’m going crazy, it’s just too fucking hard to sort out all my ideas for this stupid thing. Agh god fuck agaedksjghsd.

did some painting yesterday

bored in school lol no

a couple of icelandic horses in progress

some in-process photos

'Demonbjørnen' fra Michelle Paver sin Ulvebror / ‘The Demon Bear” from Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother

(I’m not sure if I like the part with Torak in the front.. I’ll might cover it with black, and just make it a part of the bear, but I’m not sure.. any thoughts?)

quick sketch of rasputin

my flower sketchbook

Meconopsis betonicifolia, Himalayan blue poppy, Blå Valmuesøster

I’m trying to add more photos to this post but Tumblr won’t fucking allow me to what the hell STOP PISSING ME OFF TUMBLR I’ll try to fix it in the morning though

Just sketched this cute and shy icelandic guy (I’ve gotten so inspired by Iceland lately!) His name is Birkir, he lives in the mountains with his horse Nennir, which by the way means ghost horse. I imagine the two of them being on adventures that I only hope to experience myself one day. And I hope I’ll get time to make some paintings of him and his horse in the near future. 

I’ll make great art this summer

gauntlyghost asked:
I love your Wolf brothers-drawings! They're amazing.

Really?! Oh my god, THANK YOU!